I’m going to be moving sometime in the next few months (an official date has not been set in stone yet as some wheels are still in motion), as well as working on a few Burly Press projects, and I need to try and raise some cash to accomplish all I would like to accomplish.

So, I am selling these original pieces of raw artwork drawn for the first issue of BURLY, and that I have used for my small black & white prints.

These are the originals, on Bristol comic board (roughly 8.5” x 11”), done in pencil, ink, and white out.

The list of available drawings (which I will try and keep up to date as best as possible… Unavailable pieces will be struck-through):

- BURLY #1 cover
- Steampunk mechanic
- Biker/vampire hunter
- Nude comic reader
- Syriama-inspired robot
- BURLY-O’s cereal box
- Rockband in underwear
- Bludgeon (early concept)
- Jedi training
- Greaser
- Roller derby ref
- Geek pride
- Scuba hunter
- Colonial Marine (Aliens)
- Zombie killer
- Super spy villain
- Gaymer

I am asking $50 each (as they are one of a kind) but if you would like to make me an offer for one, or a deal on multiples, I would be open to talking about it. If you want one but need to wait for a paycheck, that is fine too (we can agree upon a date of payment via email).

Email me at jeremy(at)burlypress(dot)com to claim one or chat about an offer!